Friday, June 27, 2014


Cathy cutting her cake!

Michelle Koutsebelis, Cathy with former students, Shelley Offenther
Arlene Acker, Cathy, Sheila Phillips

Cathy Dooley Honored by Rockette Alumnae at Radio City Music Hall - June 22, 2014

 Cathy Dooley, an honorary Rockette, was the guest of honor at the Rockette Alumnae Association quarterly meeting held in NYC on June 22, 2014.  Upon her arrival at Radio City Music Hall Cathy was immediately whisked away for an interview with Hanna Meium, the RCMH archivist and present day Rockette.

 Cathy spoke about how 9 of her students went on to become Rockettes. The interview video will appear in the near future on the new Rockette Timeline historical web site and on YouTube.

 After the interview Cathy attended the meeting and luncheon that had a large turnout of former Rockettes and members of the Alumnae Association. During the meeting some of Cathy’s former students who had gone on to become Rockettes got up and spoke about Cathy. They were called the Cathettes and they came from all over the country to honor Cathy. The Cathettes present were Katy Braff, Rosemary Posillico Noviello, Cookie Dutch Franzese, and Lucille Narr Saladino. They spoke about the type of teacher Cathy was. While kind, they said she was very demanding and tough on them, working them hard and encouraging them to be the best.    If you survived Cathy’s training, you were prepared to audition for the Rockettes. That’s why so many girls made the Rockettes.

Cathy spoke about how happy she was to be there. She discussed her background, the money donated to charities and how she is still very passionate about The Original Florida Follies and their mission.

After Cathy spoke, some of Barbara Anzalone’s students tap-danced to Liza Minelli’s “New York, New York” to salute Cathy. Sound familiar? The finale consisted of Arlene Acker and Sheila Phillips doing their rendition of “Rumor Has It”. As it had been staged for 10, the hoofers re-choreographed it for two dancers. The audience loved it, and Cathy was very proud and surprised as she had no idea that her dancers would be performing one of her works.

Patty DeCarlo Grantham, the President of the Association and organizer of the event, had a delicious cake (see photo) especially made for Cathy which everyone enjoyed!