Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Follies Holiday Party 12-3-16

Greeters: Joanie Helgesen, Lois Ginsburg, Barbara Warner, 
                         Jo Schlags, Sandy Sanders.   
           Kneeling: Ethel Beardsworth, Donna Berger

CDTC's Jessica Vones & Dr. Ana Calderone-Randazzo,
Diaper Drive Chairmen - Beverly & Jim Blatchley, 
Follies Director - Sandie Lech-Bloom, Family
Central's Dr. Barbara Weinstein & Julie Klahr.

The Follies enjoyed the annual Holiday Brunch
on Saturday, Dec 3, 2016, at their favorite party
place, Lighthouse Point Yacht Club!

Sandie Lech-Bloom gave an introductory speech
then introduced Dr. Ana Calderone-Randazzo
from Children's Diagnostic & Treatment Center
and Dr. Barbara Weinstein from Family Central
who each spoke about how they were helped by
the good works of The Follies.  They shared the
many diaper and clothing donations brought in
by Follies members.   (Thanks to Beverly & Jim
Blatchley for organizing this task and schlepping
all the gifts.) 

Ruth Trimmer said a lovely short prayer before
our march to the buffet tables.  As usual, the food
was varied and excellent, and we ate our fill!

And we couldn't wait to get up on the dance
floor to music by DJ Michael during which Ellen
Schwartz led the group in many line dances.

Thanks to Margaret Taylor for her usual perfec-
tion in scheduling, planning and overseeing all
of The Follies' luncheons.  Thanks to our faithful
photographer, Sheila (Phil) Phillips, who always
does a terrific job of snapping photos!

We must acknowledge the time and toil of Bev
Blatchley who spent hours preparing and indivi-
dually wrapping the delicious homemade
chocolate treats placed at every plate!  Yum!

And who else but Margaret Taylor is most
deserving of winning the 50/50 Lottery!  She
was very generous and gave half of it back to
The Follies!  Thank you, Margaret!


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mark lawrence said...

These pictures from Follies holiday party are super nice. It was really nice post to read through. At the domestic San Francisco venues we are also going to host our engagement party but we haven’t decided on the theme yet. If you have theme ideas, please share.