Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The Follies Girls!

Since March 2015 (after Cathy Dooley's retirement), our new
Director, Sandie Lech-Bloom, with her Choreographer, Cheryl
Steinthal, have been whipping The Follies troupe into shape for
the next Season!

It hasn't been easy for either the New Regime or the dancers!   
Sandie has had to speed learn all there is to know in taking over
Cathy's many duties, including executive decisions as well as 
creative ones and all other chores in between. 

On the other hand, Sandie and Cheryl have tunnel vision when it
comes to how every head turn, hand position, toe direction, kick
height, fists (closed or open), arms straight (not bent), and numer-
ous other tiny details MUST BE!!  And above all, over all the din,
we hear Sandie's voice shouting "LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!"
Well, we are here to tell you that we are in this for the long haul, 
because WE LOVE IT!  You cannot know unless you have been  
on any team how satisfying it is to be a part of something that will
ultimately entertain an audience. 

As part of The Original Florida Follies it is our extreme good for-
tune knowing that what we do also gives a large benefit to the
organizations we support.  There are many Children-in-Need in
South Florida who have been given (through our donations) things
they would not have had otherwise - such as new clothing, summer
camp, diaper supplies, dental attention and more. With our dona-
tion it was also possible for one of our charities, Family Central, to 
purchase a new van to deliver food and essentials to their needy 
families.  We are proud to say that since the year 2000, The Original
Florida Follies has donated over $820,000 to various Children's
charities in Southern Florida! 

Most importantly, we also want to acknowledge our FAITHFUL
AUDIENCES without which we could not accomplish what we  
set out to do.  And for that -